Guide to World Flags For Your International Event

If you are planning or hosting a world-class event and need custom flags, these tips will help you select the appropriate products. Custom world flags are designed to proudly represent participating countries during all sorts of international events. Events such as corporate conventions, sporting events, congresses and political events, entertainment events, etc. each pose an opportunity for countries to be noticed.

If you normally watch the Olympics, for example, you’ll see hundreds of flags representing various countries whose athletes plan to participate in the Olympic games. The flags are decoratively displayed in or near the areas where games are held or where ceremonies are conducted. The world flags show that countries can peacefully unite for such events and bring talent from around the world to compete in friendly games.

Though most world-class events are no where near as large or as popular as the Olympics, you can use this spectacular sports event as an example of how flags can be used to create a sense of unity.
Types of Custom Flags
Custom world flags can be ordered in various styles, particularly different materials depending on where and how the flags will be displayed. If you plan to display the flags outdoors for a short period of time, then consider the 100 percent woven polyester material for outdoor use. This material can withstand weather elements and is the most economical choice for quality flags that will be displayed outdoors temporarily. For indoor use, consider the 100 percent polyester material designed for indoors. Or for extended use outdoors, the knitted polyester is top quality and can withstand prolonged exposure to the sun, wind, rain, etc. Knitted polyester is more expensive, but you will be able to use the flags for multiple events or keep them displayed outdoors for longer periods of time if necessary.

The type of print will affect your custom flag pricing as well. The least expensive option is single side print (one-ply). With this option, your flag image will show through the material on the backside with the image in reverse. A more expensive option is two-side print (two-ply) with the printed image showing correctly on both sides of the flag. You can also customize your flags with fixtures such as grommets and rope loops.
Displaying World Flags

World flags are often displayed alphabetically to show no favoritism, with the host country’s flag displayed at the front (and sometimes front and back) of each row. This is a non-threatening way to display flags without offending one or more representatives. If you also have company flags or business flags, these may be displayed in the same manner following the order given above.
As you consider ordering custom flags for your event, check with flag makers online for the best pricing. You can likely find high quality flag manufacturers that are willing to work with you if you need to order a large number of custom world flags. Keep these tips in mind and get your order together early to ensure prompt delivery before your event date.