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Why and How Hiring an Auto Accident Is Important Having a personal injury attorney representing you following a car accident means having a specialist at your side – one who is very knowledgeable about the laws and procedural rules pertinent to your case. An attorney can give advice on any time limits (or statutes of limitations) which can stop you from filing a case against the responsible party. In various states, for instance, you have to file your lawsuit no later than two years after your car accident, or you will be forever prohibited from doing so. A lawyer will can also inform you regarding special exceptions to the statute, as with accident victims who are minors. Your attorney can file a case for you and will know how best to refute any possible defenses used by the opposite side.
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Additionally, when your case begins, your lawyer will play a central role in preparing it for trial – and even actually going to trial if nothing settles. While a lawsuit is not always necessary, the threat of filing one gives you powerful leverage as you try to negotiate a just settlement.
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Finally, and most importantly perhaps, having a knowledgeable attorney by your side levels the playing field, especially when you’re facing a giant opponent such as an insurance company. A lot of work is necessary to negotiate an insurance settlement and try an auto accident injury lawsuit. Following a car accident, this time-consuming work could be the last thing you want to have anything to do with. A lawyer can carry that burden for you. This might be your first time to go through the rigors of an accident claim, injury attorneys have been exposed to them for years. They have experience collating the needed evidence that will strengthen your claim, such as witness statements, police reports, medical bills, employment and lost wage-related information, and the rest. As well, your lawyer can organize the evidence and draft a settlement demand letter to be forwarded to the insurer. If a settlement could not be reached, your attorney will file all the necessary paperwork to get a court case going, as well as deal with the defense lawyers for you. With a specialist taking care of the hard work, you are spared the burden, which is particularly important if you have serious injuries you need to recover from. Perhaps the most significant way a lawyer can help you in a car accident case is by being your advocate. This means your attorney is going to be acting on your behalf to pursue your interests for the whole claims process, even in court if filing a lawsuit is in order. This professional will be your great defender, making it a point that you get the full compensation due you for all your losses.