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How to optimise a small warehouse

As your business begins to grow, so do your space requirements. How do you manage increased stock in a small warehouse? With any luck, these suggestions will open up vital space and many new doors!

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Improve stock management processes

It is quite amazing how a better-organised inventory system can create a far more efficient warehouse space. By staying on top of your stock at all times, you can gain a better understanding of what is being held within your four walls at a given time and when stock will be moving in and out of your possession. A failure to address poor stock management can result in a messy, not to mention costly, warehouse. You can find lots of inventory management tips for small businesses online.

Improve your warehouse design

If you are confident that your inventory management system is as good as it can possibly be, the next logical step in optimising space is to re-evaluate your warehouse design. Redesigning can help you to do more with the space you already have. Play with different layout designs to see which works best, not forgetting to consider your height space. Mezzanines can add an extra platform between the floor and your ceiling; meanwhile, different pallet racking options can utilise all the cubic space in your area.

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The different types of pallet racking include dynamic, drive-in and cantilever, plus the mezzanine structures already mentioned. Not all these will suit every warehouse space, so it is advisable to discuss your requirements with a company experienced in the field, such as A pallet racking specialist will sell all types of warehouse storage solutions, including new and used pallet racking.

Do not implement changes until you have run H&S checks

If you settle upon changing the physical layout or the storage structures within your warehouse, you must make sure that you run the necessary health and safety checks first. These should continue to take place on a regular basis, ensuring that there are no trip hazards or any avoidable dangers, as small spaces can cause vulnerability to staff.

Finally, the level of training that your staff receive is a factor in the smooth running of any warehouse, so do not assume that a small working environment calls for any less know-how.… Read More