Laws are laws, both written and unwritten, which is basically valid and recognized people as rules that must be followed in social life. Society is a group of specific people who inhabited a country or a particular region and are subject to certain legal regulations as well. For loans tips, you can see through
Factors affecting the rule of law in society, so that the law is effective or not. The following matters affecting the rule of law in society:
1. Rule of Law
in the theories of jurisprudence, can distinguish between three kinds of things about the rule of law as a rule, it is expressed as follows:
• juridical norms applicable law, if the determination is based on the rule of a higher or formed on the basis set.
• the rule of law applies in sociological, if the rule is effective. that is to say, the rules in question may be enforceable by the authorities, although not accepted by citizens (theory of power), or rules that apply for their recognition of the community;
• rule of law applies philosophically, in accordance with the ideals of law as a positive value is the highest.
2. Law Enforcement
Law enforcement or the administrators of the law covers a very broad scope. because, regarding the officer in the upper strata, middle and bottom. means that, in carrying out the tasks of law enforcement officers must have a guideline should include specific written rules concerning the scope of his duties.
3. Facilities / Amenities
Facility / facilities is essential to streamline a particular rule. the scope of the facilities in question, especially the infrastructure that serves as a contributing factor. for example, if no carbon paper and typewriter enough and good enough, how tasks can make news show about a crime. how the police can work well if it is not equipped with vehicles and communication tools are proportionate. if the equipment is already there, the maintenance factors are also very important.
4. Citizens
one of the factors effecting a rule are citizens. citizens referred to, is his consciousness to comply with a legislation, the degree of compliance. it can simply be said that the degree of adherence to the law society is one indicator of the functioning of the law concerned.
Law may be used as a tool by the agents of change or the agent of change is the person or group of people who gain the trust of the public as the leader of one or more social institutions. Laws have a direct impact or indirect influence in encouraging social change. For example, a rule that specifies a particular education system for citizens to have indirect influence that is essential for the social changes.
In numerous ways, the law has a direct impact on social institutions which means that there is a direct relationship between law with social changes. A rule of law which stipulates that the widow and children regardless of the type can be heirs have direct influence on the occurrence of social changes, because the ultimate goal is to change behavior patterns and relationships between citizens.