Google Maps Under Investigation Scrutiny

Google, the biggest digital marketing company is under strict campaign of law breached, in which the search agency has been accused of breaching marketing in general and internet privacy in particular.
Google has an excellent digital marketing tool in the form of Google Map in order to facilitate mobile users like iPhone, by which users would be able to gain knowledge about the particular area they are present like cinemas, hotels, restaurants and even theaters. Google engaged their street view car in this suspicious digital marketing activity to take pictures of almost all homes through the radio frequency antenna embedded on the top of company’s cars. The event was seriously taken by many consultancy law related agencies working in both U.S and Britain in this regard.

Google, the giant search company denies the use of any such technology but admit at the same time that their intruding digital marketing consultancy work is finished in Britain. The initial step towards this event was taken by Germany.
As a result Google called it a mistake and said that by fault the packet data installed in their system collected and stored many insecure emails, and information sent or received by users over different forums. Those forums were not provided by any password though.

The contractual agreement of skyhook with Apple iPhone which is undergoing the same web thief was reported by Google. They justify this action of spying digital marketing by saying that the information could be accessed because of the strength of Wi-Fi signals which fall beyond the extent of physical structure of houses. But privacy settings are not violated because house numbers are not accessed by this technology. Rather only Media Access controls (MAC) and service set ID (SSID) could be obtained.
Protecting authorities stresses upon the use of transparent methods for all information but Google never thought about disclosing its new spying technology techniques, rather spread news about abandoned the use of view car on streets. Resources say that the company is done with this new digital marketing information gathering process in Britain.

Many law enforcing agencies in both U.S and Britain have planned to take lawsuit serious action against this act of Google. Though not known about their planned action but agencies have asked Google to keep all those emails and other insecure information with them until an action is taken.
An excuse was given by Google about Wi-Fi data that they are public but soon authorities denied this because of security and integrity issues.
The integrity and the popularity of Google digital marketing enhanced services have been under question by U.S and Britain. The brand of Google was attached with the car view slang. There is a need to abide all rules and regulations when getting an access to personal information.
Many online companies have to undergo certain obligations. They can get an access to private and personal information but must use them for purpose for which they have been collected and discard them as soon as the work is done.