The Company Which Helps To Fix The Mistakes You Made

Everyone makes mistakes and we believe in fixing them rather than judging. When you want a pardon, a waiver or a background check we know it is a lengthy process and that is why we are here. We help to get what you need by making the process simpler. With something as important as criminal records you need a company which you can trust. We ensure you privacy and perfect handling of your papers and data.

How to get started and what do we do

The National Pardon Centre has been clearing criminal records since 2002 and if you need our help you can surely get in touch with us. Our counsellors are available from 8:30am to 5pm on all weekdays. You can call us, walk in or apply online for consultancy.

We tackle and go through all the steps that you had to do in order to get the work done. We communicate with the government and you so that you get informed about the present situation. We arrange your papers with your help to provide better details. We stay focused on other things too. Speeding up the police or tackling the court delays we do it all for you.  Never do we leave a work midway. We are at constant watch until the project is finished.

We would also like to clarify that we don’t give false hopes. We tell you what the truth is very clearly. We hope you understand it is not magic that we will do your work within any short specified time. We are not guarantying anything but promising you to do our best to assist you. We work hard to minimize the delays and keep the processing moving.

Advantages of choosing us

We understand how difficult it is to trust anyone dealing with such important information and documents but after completing over 20,000 cases we have earned the trust of our clients and can rightly claim to be a trustworthy friend of yours.

We are RCMP accredited agency with direct connect server and onsite finger-printing, IT award winning infrastructure, founding member of the Pardon Association of Canada, BBB member: A+ rating and the most dedicated hard working team. With all these we can conclude that we are the best company in the business.

We value people who understand that the work is not easy but worth a try, people who genuinely want to make a difference and lead a better life. So if you are one of them please do visit us, we are happy to help. We believe in building relationships with our clients and strengthening them over time with our efficiency.