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4 Merits of Hiring a Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer If you have suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident in the recent past, you need to hire a lawyer to help you out with the compensation pursuit process. Most slip and fall accidents are mild but there are those that can result in fatalities or serious injuries. Here is a look at top 4 advantages of hiring slip and fall injury attorneys. Cases of slip and fall can be caused by numerous reasons that include unsafe stairways, standing water puddles, poorly lit buildings, and slippery surfaces such as tiles. It is the responsibility of building owners or tenants to ensure that visitors are warned beforehand and in an appropriate manner or take steps to eliminate the factors that may cause slip and fall accidents. A slip and fall lawyer will investigate your case and ensure that a claim is raised against the culpable party. With the best lawyers in town by your side, it will be easy to safeguard all the evidence that pertains to your case. A building owner will try all manner of things to destroy or conceal proof that the accident took place in a bid to deny its occurrence. If you hire a slip and fall lawyer, no such attempts will be successful. The legal expert will get hold of CCTV footage of the building and speak to eyewitnesses, all which will contribute to proving that, indeed, the slip and fall happened at the alleged time and place.
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Hiring a slip and fall legal expert raises the success rate of your claim to 95%, a figure that you are unlikely to achieve if you opt for self-representation. Many of such cases take unexpected turns and have consequences such as courtroom litigation. A lawyer’s negotiation prowess is also invaluable since it is the trait that will ensure you get the right amount of compensation and at the right time.
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Persons who opt for self-representation in their slip and fall injury claims are usually the most unsuccessful in their pursuits. The reason for such outcomes include the blunders that such victims make as they pursue compensation. Among the common mistakes are the failure to negotiate compensation skillfully, signing release of liability papers too soon, or being barred from pursuing the claims by the statute of limitations due to delays. Such are the mistakes that cannot take place if you hire the best injury lawyer in town for representation. There will be no initial charges when you seek legal help. The initial consultation with the attorney is free and you only pay legal services once the claim is successful. A lawyer understands that you have used up most of your money when seeking medical treatment.